Veterans Memorials in Wichita, Kansas

  1. Veterans Memorial Park (Items 1-16)
  2. US Flag Bicentennial Memorial Flag Pavilion
  3. Military Order of the Purple Heart Memorial
  4. Gold Star Families Memorial
  5. POW-MIA Memorial
  6. Vietnam War memorial
  7. Gold Star Mothers of America Memorial
  8. Kansas Korean War Memorial (Three Parts)
  9. Marine Corps League Memorial
  10. US Navy Hospital Corps Memorial
  11. US Merchant Marine Memorial
  12. US Navy Armed Guard Memorial
  13. US Navy Submarine Service Memorial
  14. SS Dorado Memorial
  15. Pearl Harbor Survivors Association Memorial
  16. USS Wichita Memorial
  17. Spanish-American War Memorial "The Hiker" - Central Riverside Park
  18. Spanish-American War Cannon, "Amilcar" - Central Riverside Park
  19. Civil War "Soldiers and Sailors Memorial" - Old Sedgwick County Courthouse
  20. Pat Garcia Veterans Memorial Park - 25th and Wellington Place
  21. World War II Memorial - McAdam Park, 13th and Ohio
  22. George Washington Memorial Bridge - WSU Campus
  23. GAR Garfield Post 25 Memorial Pavilion - Maple Grove Cemetery 1000 N. Hillside, Section C
  24. Eggleston GAR Post 244 Memorial - Maple Grove Cemetery
  25. Memorial "In Memory O/Those Who Have Served Their Country In The United States Armed Forces" - Maple Grove Cemetery Section V.
  26. Civil War Section 2 - Highland Cemetery - 1005 N. Hillside
  27. Eggleston/Randolph GAR Civil War Memorial - Highland Cemetery, Section 2
  28. Robert J. Dole - V A Regional and Medical Center - 5500 East Kellogg
  29. Robert J. Dole Statue in Lobby of VA Building 1
  30. World War I Display, Lobby of VA Building 1
  31. World War I Memorial Spire - VA Grounds
  32. Memorial to Lt. Erwin Bleckley, Medal of Honor Recipient - VA Grounds
  33. Medal Of Honor Memorial Tree - Robert J. Dole V A Medical Center
  34. Pearl Harbor Survivors Memorial - VA Grounds
  35. Robert 1 Dole Memorial Community Center, McConnell AFB
  36. Veterans Memorial Walk - McConnell AFB
  37. Boeing/Spirit Aerosystems Veterans Memorial
  38. Vietnam War Memorial, Cessna Wallace Plant
  39. Cessna Employee Veterans Club Memorial Flagpole
  40. US Navy Memorial Stone and Plaque, Being relocated to Osage Park