Veterans Memorial Walkway
Brick Order Form

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This project started from a phone call from a Vietnam Veteran’s wife who asked if there were any place in Veterans Memorial Park that was set aside for Vietnam vets to be honored with a brick in the sidewalk. At that time, there was not. The discussion started to find a location to honor our Vietnam Vets. There were a couple of meetings held at the park and it was decided the sidewalk directly behind the Vietnam Memorial was the ideal location. There is an existing sidewalk that runs behind the memorial to the asphalt path. This sidewalk has drainage issues and now is the time to make those repairs and incorporate the new sidewalk into this project.

We have been also asked over the past couple of years if there were any other locations for Korean and WWII veterans to have bricks located. The WWII project (Kilroy) was modified three different times to allow for more bricks, but unfortunately, there is no more room for expansion. The discussion came up that we should have a place for ALL veterans to be able to have a brick located in the park. So this project was modified to allow all Veterans to be able to purchase a brick for our Vets.

The proceeds from the sale of these bricks will be turned over to Veterans Memorial Park Board Inc. at the end of this project to be used for future maintenance of the memorials. It is out hope that the remaining funds will insure Veterans Memorial Park will have the funds to be maintained for many years to come.


Since the concept of this project was originally for Vietnam era Veterans, we have decided the area directly behind the Vietnam Memorial will be for Vietnam era Veterans only (“Mission 1”). There will be a concrete circle that will have a brass medallion honoring the 5 branches of service. There will be a 6th medallion in the center honoring the fiftieth anniversary of the Vietnam War.


At one side of this circle will be a park bench for rest and reflection and on the other side will be a small sidewalk leading to the Korean Memorial. In this small sidewalk we will install brick commemorating Korean Veterans. From the circle south will be made available for all other Veterans regardless of when served.

These bricks are being sold on a first come basis. If you would like to purchase a brick in memory of a veteran, please fill out eh application and send it in. The cost is $100 per brick. If you would like to have multiple people have bricks adjacent to one another, these need to be sent in at the same time and make note that you would like to have them placed together. If they are from different conflicts or time periods, the will be in the south section.

Applications can be downloaded from